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Mould is commonly found in bathrooms because of high levels of water and humidity. If you don’t dry the moisture, it could lead to mould growth. The humidity is increased by evaporating water, steam from shower or a bath and because most bathroom are not properly ventilated, the humidity stays, taking longer for wet surfaces to dry.

Mould caused by blocked bathroom drains

If your drains don’t drain water properly, it could contribute to mould growth in a bathtub, shower or basin. Because the water doesn’t drain and sits in the drain, it causes moisture. Long standing water can lead to mould growth.

If the water is not drained as fast as you can run the water from the tap, you drains could be clogged. You can try various drain cleaning solutions that you can buy from a supermarket that unclog your drain or call handyman to help.

You might be able to scrub the mould from inside the drain pipe with a brush or try pouring in bleach or vinegar to help clean the drains.

How to reduce humidity in bathrooms

The humidity in a bathroom should be ideally below 55% to prevent any mould growing. To maintain this, ventilate as often as you can especially after shower or bath. If you have a bathroom fan, turn it on while you shower and after your shower leave it running for a few more minutes to let all the steam out and dry the air. Leave the door open after shower or bath to let the steam out and if you are really concerned about mould, wipe all surfaces dry clean.

Regular bathroom cleaning will prevent mould build up so make sure you wipe down the bathroom with anti-fungal solution once a month and don’t forget the ceiling as it is the prime area for mould growth. To prevent mould growth on the bathroom floor you can wipe it with vinegar.

Once a month spray the bath and shower with undiluted vinegar preventing mould growth and it also deodorizes the bathroom. You don’t have to rinse the vinegar, just leave it on to dry.

Keep your bathroom tidy and don’t clutter it with bottles of shampoo and soaps.

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