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Dryer sheets, used and unused, can be used for cleaning chores around the house, not just for laundry.

Polishing chrome

Use a slightly moisten dryer sheet on chrome bathroom fixtures to give them a shine by rubbing the sheet over chrome parts. The dryer sheet removes soap build-up and calcium deposits giving your bathroom fixture its sparkle back.

Cleaning clothes iron

If your iron is full of gunk place a dryer sheet on ironing board, set the iron to low, run the iron over the sheet until the build-up is gone.

Cleaning oven racks

You can use dryer sheets to clean the grime and grease from oven racks. Rinse them off, soak them overnight in a tub of warm water with a squirt of dishwashing liquid and a few dryer sheets. Take your oven racks out the next day and the remaining residue should easily wipe off.


Use a used dryer sheet to dust pretty much any surface in your home. Dryer sheets attract dust and your home will smell fresh too. You can use it to swipe pet hair from floors, dust blinds or bookshelves.

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